About this page: what to do in Nelson

Nelson is considered one of the best places to visit when on a tour in New Zealand. This page explores why Nelson stands out, and what makes it so popular among tourists. Whether you are a visitor or native, there are so many things you can do in Nelson, either as a solitary traveler or with a guided tour from guides who are more experienced.

Outdoor activities

Finding what to do outside, especially when you are new in an area can be extremely overwhelming. This site seeks to make things easier by breaking down activities one can engage in while visiting Nelson. There is a lot that can be done, from spending time on the pristine white beaches, to going cycling and checking out the famous parks and gardens in Nelson. On this site, you will find a list of activities to do, where to go and why you should engage in the activities. It is a basic guide for those who are clueless on the available places to visit.

Art galleries in Nelson

Nelson is famous for several things that you will find in this page, but one area that is under-reported about the city is the art. There are many artists, studios and galleries where established and upcoming artists go to explore different forms of arts. The art galleries such as Alchemy’s art center, Mahoe hills craft studios are among places where tourists flock on a daily basis to see what is being showcased. The art galleries also have lessons that people who are interested in art can learn. There is plenty to do even if it’s raining and the galleries provide a beautiful distraction for those who want to find inspiration despite bad weather.

Nightlife in Nelson

When the sun goes down in Nelson, another life comes up. This site goes into great details to explore places you can go and have fun at night. It lists joints where one can unwind and watch the day slip by, and why the places are popular among locals and tourists. It also gives tips on how to stay safe while having some fun in Nelson at night. You will also get details on where to get foods and drinks in Nelson, and top rated hotels and restaurants that you can visit.


The best way to understand people and their culture is by visiting their museums. Nelson has several museums that have been captured in this site. The museums capture several themes, from clothing, cars to art. The information is useful for people who love museums but are unsure of what they will find in the ones in Nelson.

Treat this page like a guide on where to go and what to do while in Nelson. We cater for the needs of all sorts of people with all sorts of interests.