Art Galleries

When Nelson in New Zealand is mentioned, the thoughts which come to the minds of many people who have stayed in, or visited, the city, revolve around the coastal scenery, wine, beer brewing, and the sunshine. There is more to Nelson. It is also known for its talented artists and magnificent art galleries. There are several galleries and studios, where visitors can check out different forms of art created by both upcoming and veteran artists. Some of the famous art galleries include the following.

The Suter

This famous art gallery has exhibitions which showcase the works of upcoming artists, and those who have already made a name. It also has displays from locals, and people outside Nelson, who have shown an interest in art. There is always a group of people at the Suter, who assemble at the gallery to learn art at a fee since the gallery acts as a training studio too. It is located on 153 Hardy Street.

Alchemy Art Centre

This gallery is for people who love pottery. It showcases work from potters who have used unique designs to create pottery and ceramics. The art centre is a popular stopping point for tourists who want to buy gifts, or simply admire what moulded clay can turn into if put in the hands of a skilled artist. It is located on 92 Bateup Road.

Mahoe Hills Craft Studio

This is a different kind of gallery, as the art is mostly done by visitors. The people who want to visit Mahoe Hills Craft Studio make an appointment to attend the art and crafts workshops which last between two and four hours. After the workshop, the participants are allowed to create their own work. It always attracts several tourists who also want to take a trip to the native, edible garden that is nearby. It is at 255 Garden Valley Road.

Escape Gallery and Gifts

This gallery also has classes for craft lessons. Some of the things which are taught in the gallery include painting, making beadwork and colour coordination. They also sell gifts from artwork created by artists in Nelson and beyond. It is located on Mcshane Road in Richmond.

Hoglund Art Glass Gallery

There is an absolute thrill which comes with watching people glassblowing. It creates one of the most incredible forms of art and jewellery. This is showcased at the Hoglund Gallery. Since this form of art is unique, the Hoglund Art Glass Gallery gets several tourists from all over the world, who want to experience the magic of this form of art.

Bronte Art Gallery

This gallery provides a mix of everything. From paintings to sculpture and pottery; everything you can think of in the form of art will probably be at the Bronte Art Gallery.