One of the best ways to fully understand and appreciate a country’s culture is by visiting the museums. If you are in Nelson, you may end up being spoilt for choice when it comes to museums you should stop into. Some of the museums that have remained popular over the years include:

National WOW (World of Wearable design) and Nelson classic car collection museum

At the National WOW museum, designers bring together uniqueness, style and innovation to create pieces that are worth showcasing. At the museum, you will see several wearable art garments that have been placed a few meters from classical and vintage cars. The museum organises several exhibitions that bring together several artists to showcase their work. The concepts are often deeply thought of before they are developed to form a piece of art.

Nelson provincial museum

This museum is one of the popular places to be in during dull days. It is perfect to visit if it’s raining or when the weather is a bit gloomy. It has several indoor activities such as bird watching, photography and several other activities and events. It is a perfect place to go on a solitary visit, take your friends or go with children. There is always a guide on standby to walk you through the museum and explain other details that you may not have gotten if you were alone.

Wall to wall art museum

Formerly called Art @203, this art gallery is a great tourist attraction.. It showcases work of 12 artists who came together and explored different kinds of art such as water colour, oil painting, and photography. They then bring together their art and exhibit them for people who want to view art.

Higgins heritage park

This is part of the several museums in New Zealand that tries to explain man’s elusive history. It has remnants of tools that were used by ancestors, explanations of how tools work, and the things we embraced even as we grappled with modernity. It has family friendly events that children can also enjoy without getting bored.

Korimako studio

This was the idea of the famous artists in Nelson; Jan Thomson. This museum is located near Lake Ratioti, and it is slowly becoming known as one if the places tourists visit when they have left the lake.. The scenery is an inspiration to Jan paints landscape and mentors those who are starting out in the field.

Saligia art gallery museum

This art studio and gallery takes in people who are experienced in art and craft and those who are interested in the subject but are yet to learn the ropes . Basically, as long as you have some interest in art, you can head to Salgia art gallery and learn how to go about it.