Night Life

Nights in Nelson can be enjoyable due to the many activities and places one can visit. If you enjoy a night of beer drinking while listening to music, then there are many joints you can visit for the ultimate fun experience. You do not have to break the bank for you to have some quality time. If you are running out of money, or if you need a boost in your finances, you can take out a loan as long as you commit to a practical payment plan. Some of the favourite spots in Nelson where you are likely to enjoy yourself are as follows.


This beer establishment has a most interesting history. It was once a church before being converted into a spot for taking the various available craft beers of New Zealand. If you do not drink alcohol, you can still visit this epic bar and eat from the Brazilian snack bar which they have outside. Over the weekend, they have songs playing on vinyl, and if you are lucky, you can make a special request.

Rhythm and Brown

Rhythm and Brown provides a pleasant ambience for people who want to have a quiet time. It’s ideal if you are planning a romantic dinner when you can have a conversation, while music soothes you from the speakers which are placed in different corners of the room.

Mussel Inn

The creaking timber as you sip on your frothy beer is what makes Mussel Inn an interesting place to spend the evening. They also have a beer garden for people who are looking to socialise. Their meal menu of homemade food is another interesting addition which attracts people. The reviews of Mussel Inn always praise the warmth of the waiters.

Sprig and Fern

Sometimes, the best nightlife is one where people go crazy and throw caution to the wind; of course, responsibly. The Sprig and Fern brewery in Nelson has 18 different beers flowing from a tap. They allow people to order pizza as they continue drinking the night away.

Chances Castlegar

Nelson is a place with many local casinos, and if you do not want to spend the whole night drinking, you can visit one of them. One of the popular ones is Chances Castlegar. They have slot machines and games of bingo to keep guests entertained. They also have food so you can plan to have a meal.

Mike’s Place Pub

Reviews on this pub say it is one of the pubs in Nelson which has character. The interior decor is homely, and the drinks menu is customised to accommodate everyone’s needs. They also have a unique menu, and their popular foods are in the salad section.