Outdoor Activities

Nelson is a city known for its beautiful sunny weather which makes outdoor activities enjoyable. It is a preferred place for people who are visiting New Zealand to relax and explore outdoors. Whether you are a resident or an eager tourist who is seeking adventure, Nelson provides an exciting variety of activities to engage in, such as the following.

Relax on the Sandy Beaches of Tahunanui

This gorgeous beach is a 10-minute drive from the city, and it is big enough to take in many people. You can take a relaxing walk while sipping on a cold drink if the weather is too hot, or dip into the waters and swim as you wait for the sun to go down. The sunset at Tahunanui beach is one of the most beautiful things you can ever see. If you enjoy cycling, you can do it at the Nelson waterfront which overlooks the beach.

Go Cycling

One of the popular ways people use to move around Nelson is by cycling. It not only provides an interesting perspective to view the scenes as you ride past, but it also helps you keep fit, especially if you are on a tour and have not been eating healthily. Several shops rent out bikes, so you do not need to carry your own everywhere. Some of the places you can cycle through include the Dun Mountain Bike trail and the Rocks Road.

Visit Gardens and Parks

If your ideal tour involves checking out some lush greenery, then you can go to the Queen’s Gardens which has flowers and water features. Another place worth visiting is the Miyazu Japanese gardens. There is something so calming and uplifting about being in well-kept gardens and scientists believe it releases stress, so consider it a trip for your wellbeing.

Go Fishing

Nelson has many popular lakes where people who love fishing can go and practice their hobby. The Blue Lake, Lake Constance and Lake Rotoiti are some of the places that you can visit if you want to go fishing. You could also jump in for a swim if the weather gets too hot for you. You do not have to be experienced in fishing for you to enjoy it.

Try a Craft Beer Trail

There is nothing which can compare to the taste of freshly brewed beer. Nelson is known as the capital of brewers because the Founders Brewery is located there. You can check out more than 10 places where you can taste craft beer, and listen to the brewers talk about their experience, and what goes into the bottle.

Always remember to hang out with as many locals as possible, for you to have the ultimate experience.